For Realtors

We know how much time and effort it has taken you to reach this point in the home buying process with your clients. That is why we’ve set up online scheduling for you. Check our availabilities 24-7 and reserve a spot for your clients.

online scheduling

Choose a day and time that works for you and your clients. Call anytime if you prefer or to request a special time. We will email you and your clients all the information needed about the inspection: costs and services offered, what to expect, contract, etc.


Relax for a couple hours while we walk your clients through our very informative and educational inspection process. We take the time to answer questions and go through the important items, as well as the day-to-day homeowner responsibilities.


Inspection reports are ready within hours. You and your clients will get a notice with a link to your personalized inspection page. Our reports are the best on the market: fully interactive with photos, videos, tutorials, informative links, and more…

Let’s get this done together!