Sewer Scope

Millions of dollars are spent annually on repairs related to blocked or damaged sewer pipes. Residential repairs fall between $14,000 to $20,000 on average and many of these unforeseen catastrophes could have been averted with a simple sewer scope.

Although we can run some preliminary tests that may show no problems with the drainage system, there is honestly no way of knowing what’s going on down there for certain without this service. Up to 100 feet of high tech scoping and video equipment will be inserted to examine the interior sewer pipe between the house and the municipal connection. This is essential in locating everything from minor issues like bulges and sharp turns to the more major problems like blockages caused by tree roots and breaks caused by settling or tectonic movement. Not to mention the devastating effect leaking sewage has on our local water quality and ecosystems. You’ll receive a detailed written inspection report along with a video and description of the findings. The test may not uncover any problems but on the other hand it could save you thousands of dollars in unforeseen costs.