Gayla C

3/2/19 – Hire this company!  Stephen is clear, his website is awesome, he’s honest and knowledgeable and doesn’t miss a thing.  His reports leave no doubt in what needs attention and what doesn’t.  Photos are a great tool for his clients, as well.  Frankly, I wouldn’t even shop this service.  This company is topnotch!

John B

1/28/19 – We had Stephen inspect a house that we’re helping our daughter buy, and I thought his inspection was very thorough.  We built our own house, so I’m somewhat familiar for how things are supposed to work, and be done,  and he found things I would not have caught.  He did a great job, highly recommend.

Peter J

5/27/18 – Stephen clearly explained every observation and recommendation he made about the home we were purchasing. His report was very thorough, very well organized and his photography was very helpful in identifying what the report was referring to. All in all I would say it was by far the best home inspection I’ve ever had.

Anne H

2/26/18 – Stephen Comer was awesome! He found critical problems that a previous inspector had missed and was clearly very thorough in his inspection of our new house. Considering the house had already been inspected once, we were hesitant to pay for another one but we’re very happy we did. Totally worth it and will likely lead to a credit at closing. Thanks Stephen!

Tim N

8/21/16 – It’s always great to watch someone who really knows what he’s doing.  Steven was prompt, thorough and very knowledgeable throughout the inspection process for our new home.  He stopped on several occasions to answer my questions and to fully explain what he was doing … I’m no DIY-er, but I understood what he was saying in each instance.  He also recommended some steps we could take – even identifying brand names to use – in the future to prevent problems with various components in the house.  A total professional and a pleasure to work with.

Nathan B

5/12/16 – Stephen was excellent.  I cannot recommend him enough.  He performed a thorough inspection of our new home and answered all of my questions.  Stephen also made sure to help me understand how best to handle any issues we had decided to take care of on our own.

Candace F

4/28/16 – Stephen Comer is a gentleman, first of all, and a pleasure to do business with. He conducts his home inspections with complete thoroughness. I was impressed with the many clearly-defined details of his report.

Mario S

2/6/16 – Highly recommended!  Stephen was great–professional, courteous, easy to talk to, and best of all clearly skilled, experienced, and thorough.  He explained everything in a way I could easily understand.  I appreciated the time he took to help me plan for repairs I might need down the line, with lots of suggestions about ways to prevent problems.  Thanks Stephen!

Elizabeth E

5/8/15 – When I go to sell my home I hope the buyers do NOT use Stephen for their inspection, because he will find every single problem that any house could possibly have. He literally saved us from purchasing a home we were buying, ultimately saving us thousands of dollars. My fiancé and I were so excited to buy our first home, but Stephen’s incredibly thorough inspection turned up some major problems that I never would have noticed, which were not disclosed by the seller. We ended up walking away because of his report, and found an even better house (and of course had Stephen give his stamp of approval before going under contract). He is friendly, organized, diligent, thorough, incredibly detailed, and communicates in a way that leaves no room for misinterpretation. I hope Stephen is around for a long time, because he will be our go-to home inspector for any house we buy in the future. Thanks again Stephen!