Elizabeth E

5/8/15 – When I go to sell my home I hope the buyers do NOT use Stephen for their inspection, because he will find every single problem that any house could possibly have. He literally saved us from purchasing a home we were buying, ultimately saving us thousands of dollars. My fiancé and I were so excited to buy our first home, but Stephen’s incredibly thorough inspection turned up some major problems that I never would have noticed, which were not disclosed by the seller. We ended up walking away because of his report, and found an even better house (and of course had Stephen give his stamp of approval before going under contract). He is friendly, organized, diligent, thorough, incredibly detailed, and communicates in a way that leaves no room for misinterpretation. I hope Stephen is around for a long time, because he will be our go-to home inspector for any house we buy in the future. Thanks again Stephen!