The HomeCheck

A 40 point inspection for the exterior of your home

“We spend a couple hundred dollars each year getting our vehicles inspected for maintenance, why aren’t we doing the same for our homes?”

I’ve developed the perfect mini-inspection report for every homeowner!

  • Most of us don’t regularly get up on our roofs to check out our shingles, chimneys and gutters
  • Most of us aren’t aware that siding and trim is often installed improperly on our homes
  • Most of us don’t know how a deck is to be attached to and flashed against the house
  • Most of us don’t know how to identify problem areas until they’ve become a problem


  • Most of us have had been surprised by unexpected, costly repairs to windows, siding, roofs, etc.
  • Most of us suspect we have problems but we don’t know where to start
  • Most of us feel like we have to just do what the “licensed contractor” tells us to do
  • Most of us have been frustrated by the disparity in the estimates we get for repairs

Get your HomeCheck today and take control of your repairs!